A pallet of grey, mahogany and indigo blue, in a variety of distinctive accessories arousing the maritime feel, are accented with delicate illumination from contemporary style Italian lighting displayed the length of the restaurant, the wood flooring and its vintage style flagstone, as well as the visual details inspired by the architectural styles of the traditional and colorful Amalfi Coast, furnish La Deriva with a warmth and elegance supplementing the space, enveloping it in an enchantment characteristic of the Mediterranean as well as the Pacific Ocean. 

Chef Patron

Born in Cuneo, Italy, in the Piamont region, Emanuele Olivero, after completing his professional studies in gastronomy move to Mexico to pursue a professional career. For Chef Emanuele the key to a good meal is the freshness of the ingredients complemented by ancestral techniques which characterize all his dishes.

Emanuele Olivero
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